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Punarjan makes ayurvedic cancer treatment in USA easier and we recommend a yogic lifestyle to our patients. Yogic lifestyle in the first place is a discipline that includes certain eating, drinking and sleeping habits along with Yoga Sadhana. The motive of yogic lifestyle is to promote “Sattva Guna ” in a person which will make him/her to be in harmony with every outcome in life whether it is positive or negative. Hence, yoga lifestyle we suggest could effectively;


Reduce Stress and Anxiety: 


Deep breathing and meditation are two yoga techniques that might help cancer patients quiet their minds and lessen insecurity, stress and worry.


Improves Sleep Quality: 


Patients with cancer frequently struggle to fall asleep because of pain, discomfort, and other reasons. Yoga can enhance your sleep by easing tension and encouraging relaxation.


Boosts Immune System: 


It is evident that yoga can help boost immune functionality. So, this is very important for cancer patients who have weak immune systems (comparatively less percentage of Prana Shakthi).


Manage Side Effects of Conventional Cancer Treatment: 


With its unique and holistic approach, Yoga can help manage the side effects of modern cancer treatment like fatigue, hair loss, nausea, and pain.


Improves overall Physical Body: 


Constant yoga practice can enhance all aspects of physical performance, including flexibility, strength, balance, and range of motion.




We provide the best Ayurvedic Cancer Treatment in USA with No Side Effects. Rasayana Ayurveda naturally enhances the immunity of the body by detoxifying it. 

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